About Us

Solving your problems, simply.

Who said that the legal process had to be hard, complex or confusing? Not us. Here at GM Legal we believe in keeping it simple; working hard, talking straight, and making sure that you're kept in the loop every step of the way. It doesn't matter how big or small your case may be, we'll treat you like you're #1 and stick by you until your issues get resolved and you receive the outcome you need. We promise:

• to be honest, ethical and empathetic at all times;
• to keep things straightforward and transparent;
• to aim for the very best outcome for you;
• and to reach a resolution as quickly as possible.

Specialist areas we cover include wills and trusts, property matters, commercial/business law and problem solving. We don't advise on criminal law*, take selfies, belong to any medieval re-enactment clubs or do long lunches (often).

*But if things get bad and you end up in court we have some excellent contacts within our network of lawyers who will be able to pick up your case, and work through the process with you.